Laminate floor, also known as floating floor, is a multi-layer engineered floor product. The product constitues a core layer made from High Density Fibre (HDF), sandwiched between a top layer of decor piece that comes with a multi-coated protective finishing, and a base layer made of balance paper.

This is a rather new product in today flooring industry as compare to timber flooring, born only the 1970s. It is slowly gaining in popularity as technology improves the quality of laminate flooring more suitable and long lasting. It is easier to maintain and a cheaper alternative to natural timber flooring and it is more durable and hygienic than Carpet.

Laminate flooring was introduced in the 1970s, offering a newer alternative to timber flooring. Laminate floors are increasingly gaining popularity amongst consumers as technology enhanced the quality, durability and diversity of laminate products. Moreover, laminate floors are more durable and hygienic than carpet flooring, and are easier to maintain and a cheaper alteranative to natural timber flooring.

Partnership with Kronoswiss

Kronospan Switzerland AG, whose products carry the brand name KRONOSWISS ® is a member of the Swiss Krono Group. The Group is organised under the control of Kronoholding AG. It remains to this day completely family owned, and is a major player in the manufacturing and finishing of wood based products.

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Product information

All laminate products are made and imported from Switzerland.
There are 13 laminate colours available.

Available sizes for laminate products:
Swiss Prestige
7mm x 193mm x1380mm
Swiss Noblesse & Swiss Chrome
8mm x 193mm x 1380mm
Swiss Infinity
8mm x 244mm x 1380mm
Swiss Noblesse Style
8mm x 398mm x 1380mm

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