Chin Yap Supplies

Chin Yap Supplies, with more than 25 years of establishment under its belt, has been providing its expertise in producing and supplying timber products of the most outstanding quality to construction industries in Singapore and Malaysia. Chin Yap Supplies has positioned itself in South East Asia as a major contributor in the timber industry, specialising in Indonesian and Burmese teak.

Our propensity for quality products is backed by our founder's 35 years of experience in the timber manufacturing industry and his unrivaled understanding of natural timber production. Even though we have existed for over two decades, we never stop our aim to constantly and continually improve so that we can bring our customers the best service they can possibly get. We work closely with our manufacturers in Asia, using the latest technology and techniques to manufacture the highest quality timber products to accommodate different region’s humidity and customers’ requirement. Because of our unwavering commitment to quality and to our customers, we have won numerous accolades in Singapore, Japan, America and Europe. We understand that each project is unique and special, thus to serve our customers, we only use the best source material and employ the best workmen.


Behind every door of each home is the warmth and comfort of a loving family. This is the value that we, at Woodsville, strongly champion and uphold. As the brainchild of Chin Yap Supplies, Woodsville has been supplying homes with high quality, timeless timber flooring that has been proven to stand against the test of time. We highly treasure our Mother Nature and believe that by bringing her special touch to your homes, we are giving you the luxury to unwind in the midst of this concrete jungle.

Established in 2015, Woodsville is Chin Yap Supplies’ first venture into retail after years of supplying the market with its high grade flooring materials. While Chin Yap Supplies will continue to work behind the scene, Woodsville will be directly extending its flooring services to its customers through an unmediated, first-hand approach.


The Logo

Our logo, which depicts 3 teak leaves, represents the three products under our brand and our distinct source material: the teak. Moreover, the green colour reflects our vision to be a responsible citizen of the Earth as we only use renewable resources and work with sustainable suppliers to ensure that our children will still enjoy the same privilege as us in this present generation.



Our love for teak is what started it all. It is the base product that first started Chin Yap Supplies and subsequently, its home-grown brand, Woodsville. As a big distributor of teak, the three main products developed under Woodsville are Timber (also known as Parquet), Laminate, and Vinyl. We only deliver products with the best class and value, however we provide reasonable pricing for homeowners to enjoy the goodness of what we do best.